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We feel it’s essential for homeowners and mortgage shoppers to be well-informed on all aspects of refinancing a mortgage. A mortgage refinances a critical decision that will affect your refinances for a long time to come. So we want to help you base your decision on as much information as possible.

Each year, thousands of Americans refinance their mortgage loans to free up cash, secure a better interest rate, convert their mortgage type, or a combination of these things. But is refinancing right for you? And if so, how do you begin the process? On this website, you’ll learn how to answer these and other vital questions. You’ll also learn about mortgage refinance quotes and other steps along the way.

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Certainly, mortgage refinancing can help you create a better financial picture for yourself. That’s where this website comes into view — by offering a wealth of mortgage refinance information and tools.

A Well-Rounded Mortgage Education
When you get a mortgage refinance advice from a single source — a mortgage company, for instance — you only get one side of the picture. A mortgage company will give you information that favors them and steers you toward what they’re selling. That’s just business.

So to help you obtain a well-rounded mortgage refinance education, we hand-pick articles from a variety of mortgage professionals. Our items come from credit experts, mortgage brokers, financial counselors and more.

Our mission
Our mission is to help you learn as much as possible about the mortgage refinancing process, through the articles we provide and the resources we have gathered for you (and continue to collect).

Refinancing Resources by State
The basics of a refi are the same across the board, but some countries have unique laws and requirements in this area.

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